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Polly works with actors, artists and non-dancers as a performance and movement coach. She works to develop strong individual and group performances, confidence and physical embodiment. From specific movement for theatrical performance to core training, postural work and body awareness, Polly has developed methods to break down physicality and get everyone moving. 


She has worked with the staff at Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck Restaurant, FA Premiership Football Coaches, business executives, teachers, rappers, popstars, choirs and orchestras. She appeared on BBC Three's Fazer's Urban Symphony as a Performance Coach and assisted staging the other musicians involved for their final show - the Urban Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. 



"We got in touch with Polly after landing some really exciting gig offers last summer. We had already spent a lot of time investing in improving our sound but wanted to raise the bar in terms of our performance and movement. Polly worked with our group to develop movement for our set. Her warm-up, contributions and interpretation of the piece were 100% spot on, and we all felt afterwards that her participation helped us raise our game significantly by making everyone feel super relaxed and connected. We were really impressed with how relaxed she managed to get everyone to be in such a short space of time - and we loved the collaborative nature of her working out moves for specific songs with the whole group. She is flexible, sensitive and intuitive in the moment. We can't wait to work with her again with our new material!"

Lips Choir 

"Polly was just the most amazing coach/specialist in her field.  She totally captured and inspired all the coaches and personally I have rarely see such excellent coaching in all my work in football nor across Olympic and Paralympic sport."


Simone Lewis 
Elite Coach Apprenticeship Scheme (ECAS) and Research Projects 

"When I started performing gigs, I felt incredibly uncomfortable onstage. Working with Polly really helped me to relax and become a better performer. I soon realised that movement was essential in terms of emoting a song to an audience; I would not have learnt this without Polly and her magic ways - she is fun and precise."




Universal Music Group


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