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Harold Pinter Theatre

October 2018

Part of Pinter at the Pinter Season for Jamie Lloyd Productions 


★★★★  The Guardian

★★★★  The Independent 

★★★★  Evening Standard

★★★★  British Theatre



Director | Ed Stambolluian 

Writer | Harold Pinter 

Set Design | Soutra Gilmour 

Lighting Designer | John Clark 

Sound Designer | Ben and Max Ringham 


Janie Dee

Brid Brennan 

Jessica Barden 

Dwane Walcott 

Al Weaver 

Peter Polycarpou 

Robert Glenister 

Abbie Finn 

Isis Hainsworth 

"(Barden) passionately conveys Sally's entrapment – hitting the cymbals furiously, dancing like a wild thing, watching from the ladders at the back of the stage."



"Ed Stambollouian's electrifying take on Night School takes the boldest staging decisions we've seen so far in this season, and with stellar results."

Broadway World

"Night School is an absolute delight, a 50-minute play that is a joy from start to finish. Night School really is one of the highlights of the season so far, proving that taking the right approach makes Pinter’s work seem fresh and endlessly inventive."

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Photos: Marc Brenner

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