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Orange Tree Theatre 


Director: Ned Bennett 

Writer: Alistair McDowall 

Design: Georgia Lowe

Lighting Designer: Elliott Griggs

Sound Designer: Giles Thomas 

Fights: Pamela Donald 


"It is a brilliant use of space by the cast, who with perfect timing and agility can follow the brilliantly choreographed sections by movement director Polly Bennett. Those where all performers walk up and down the stage talking us through their quests with a sense of heightened immediacy are possibly the best moments in the production"


***** British Theatre Guide 


"...choreography by Polly Bennett that sometimes sets the seven-strong cast in motion like so many online avatars."



"Nadia Clifford plays Ollie with just the right mix of insouciance and jitteriness, utilising great movement direction from Polly Bennett..."





Nadia Clifford

Rebecca Humphries

Sarah Middleton

Guy Rhys

Sean Rigby 

Sam Swann

Grace Thurgood  


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