T E S T I M O N I A L S 

"Having Polly as our Dance Captain was to turn out to be only the first of many amazing things to happen at the Opening Ceremony rehearsals. To have someone who is such a brilliant communicator as Polly to keep one of the biggest groups in check was a master-stroke. Polly’s main ‘weapon’ was a combination of humour mixed with an unswerving vision of what she wanted us to achieve. She had endless patience and treated us all as if, individually, we were her only concern."


Keith Hughes

London 2012 Opening Ceremony, Volunteer Cast 

"Polly came into the RSC rehearsal room in Clapham like a burst of sunshine. With great charm, patience, tact, and, most importantly a huge sense of fun and enjoyment, she led me and other actors of the A Mad World My Masters company, to whom movement, let alone jazz steps, are not second nature, through our various routines. What had seemed nigh impossible, and a little tiresome (at least for me), became under her guidance, fun and straightforward. Polly is a warm and wonderful presence in the room, and will enhance any company she works with."


Richard Durden

Spunky in A Mad World My Masters (RSC) 

"I asked Polly to come in and help our actors with their physicality. We were re-rehearsing a show that had already had two runs in two theatres, which didn't make her task any easier as she had to distance the actors from their decisions without being prescriptive or heavy-handed. Polly dealt with the situation with sensitivity and utter professionalism. She allowed the actors to see themselves what they were doing and without once telling them what to do she managed to tease out an awareness amongst them that transformed their performances. She is a delight to have in the room, bringing vigour and intelligence to the process."


Will Wrightson


"(Polly's) experience of teaching and working in professional theatre lend her an authority and particular insight invaluable to a training such as ours. Polly's enthusiasm, personal warmth and disciplined approach enable her to quickly establiish an easy rapport with students; there is never a question of them not trusting her or failing to rise to the challenges she sets. She creates a teaching environment in which students feel fully supported and encouraged, and so often end exceeding their own expectations and extending the boundaries of their physical technique." 


Steve Dykes 

Programme Director, Rose Bruford College

"When I started performing gigs, I felt uncomfortable onstage. Working with Polly really helped me to relax and become a better performer. I soon realised that movement was essential in terms of emoting a song to an audience; I would not have learnt this without her and her fun and precise techniques."



Singer, Universal Music

"Having worked with Polly on two shows with contrasting movement elements I feel I am able to testify to a broad spectrum of her work. On Precious Little Talent we were dealing with a small cast and largely naturalistic segments of movement - Polly worked brilliantly well with the lyricism of the piece, finding a language of abstraction that complimented the naturalism of the show and supported the text. Her work was inventive, intelligent and truly collaborative. On Sum Zero - we were creating a piece of musical theatre, the cast was much larger and the movement was the central spine of the piece. Polly excelled in working with young people and with large groups, her tolerance and ingenuity were both impressive and essential in her determined ambition to make the piece work; which it did. Polly has a real ability to view movement as a language of its own that works in dialogue with text and performance rather than as a separate discipline that is tacked-on to or fitted between sections of pre-existing work. She is also a wonderful member of any company - driven, diplomatic and good fun."


Ella Hickson


"In what had to be a highly collaborative process, I found Polly to be not only dedicated and motivated but also able to bring with that a sense of fun and inclusion in what should have been the most pressured of situations. Incidentally, in what Danny Boyle himself called "a show about the wondrous people of Britain" Polly was in no small way a major contributor to that sense of pride, joy and honour that was beamed to the world on the night of the Opening Ceremony." 


Rikki Chamberlain

London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Professional Cast