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Trafalgar Studios 

20th February - 21st May 2016 




Uzo Aduba

Zawe Ashton

Laura Carmichael 

and Chereen Buckley 

Director | Jamie Lloyd

Writer | Jean Genet

Set Design | Soutra Gilmore

Lighting Designer | Jon Clark

Sound Designer | Max and Ben Ringham

Fight Director | Kate Waters

"For much of the evening, Aduba keeps her anger bottled up, but in Solange’s big climactic speech she unleashes the rage of oppressed people everywhere and seems to glory in the prospect of martyrdom: it is a remarkable tour de force. Zawe Ashton makes Claire a more sinuously seductive, less openly murderous figure and is at her best in the opening scenes where she mimics the mannerisms of the Mistress with the exaggeration of a blond-wigged drag queen."

Michael Billington, Guardian ****

"Jamie Lloyd’s direction is imaginative, captivating – and challenging, both for the audience and the actors. With an open plan stage shaped like a four poster, the audience sit on two sides of it. Polly Bennett’s movement work is impressive – a central fight scene is unneverving."

Words of Colour 

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