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Menier Chocolate Factory

September 2016 



Director | Patrick Marber

Writer | Tom Stoppard

Set Design | Tim Hatley

Lighting Designer | Neil Austin 

Sound Designer | Adam Cork


Clare Foster

Freddie Fox

Tom Hollander 

Peter Macdonald

Forbes Masson

Amy Morgan

Sarah Quist 

Tim Waller


"Hollander returns to the stage after six years and is sensational as Carr. Short and stooped, he holds his head stiffly as a tortoise, without seeming to move his neck. His eyes pop with wonder at his recollections. He shuffles about in dowdy dressing gown and battered straw hat – he was, in his youth, a tweed snob. Hollander does more than hold the evening together; he makes this old bore and first world war veteran compulsively watchable."

Kate Kellaway for Guardian *****

"There are times when the action is suspended while Stoppard heaves information at us, especially about Marxist theory or Lenin’s famous train journey to Russia, but this remains an enduring, life-enhancing play that brims with intellectual gaiety. Hollander’s performance, and Marber’s production, also never let us forget that under the razzmatazz, Stoppard has a serious purpose."

Michael Billington for Guardian ****

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