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National Theatre

21 July - 2015 




Director and Adaptor | Patrick Marber

Designer | Mark Thompson

Music and Sound | Adam Cork

Lighting Designer | Neil Austin

Musical Director | Sam Cable 



Nigel Betts

Nicholas Bishop

Paige Carter

Matthew Lloyd Davies

Amanda Drew

Mark Extance

Lynn Farleigh

Mark Gatiss

Gawn Grainger

Debra Gillett

John Light

Mateo Oxley

Royce Pierreson 

Cassie Raine

Lily Sacofsky

John Simm

Cherrelle Skeete

Lisa Tramontin 



"... it is an evening where the wit of the dialogue captivates. And, as in an elegant dance, the play keeps turning on its own heel, moving between comedy and anguish, reminding us of love as an impractical joke."

**** Kate Kellaway, The Guardian


"Thanks to the exquisitely inhabited performances of the entire cast that also includes such great veterans of the stage as Gawn Grainger and Lynn Farleigh, this production provides an evening of lovingly textured pleasure that gives you three days of events in little over 2 hours."

Mark Shenton, London Theatre

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